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Slim Line Wide 15mm surface mount profile is "LEDs DOTS FREE" design which deliver nice soft and smooth light diffusion on the whole surface of the diffuser. In principles of the design it has been made for wider then standard (10/12mm) LED stripes. The wideness inside the profile is 18mm and can accommodate any type of the LED stripes available on the market such as double row LED stripes, RGB strips, digital RGB ribbons or waterproof ribbons in single color or RGB version which wideness is bigger then 12mm and do not fit into standard profiles. The wide diffuser is not cutting down the angle of the LEDs that and presents itself with the aluminum body as the quality product. The profile it is available with two snap-in UV resistant diffusers, frosted and transparent. The larger amount of aluminum it is performing as the heat sink to the LEDs and also appears as the nice looking housing. The available accessories for SLW15 LED profile such as end caps and mounting brackets helps professionally finish the installation.

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